Monday, 28 January 2008

Letero al Usona Kongreso

to: Reps. Richard Neal, Jimmy Walsh, Peter King, Joe Crowley, Eliot Engel and Don Payne.

Thursday, January 17, 2008.

Dear Friends,

Your trusted leadership is needed on another important issue, which threatens to harm the Irish peace-process and which undercuts the positive message of the recent Paisley-Mc Guinness visit.

Minister for Culture Edwin Poots, DUP, has embarked on a vengeful campaign against the ancient and beautiful Irish language and seems to be determined to institutionalize anti-Irish-language policies. He has sabotaged the Irish Language Act, agreed to by the St. Andrew’s Agreement, and he has killed funding for the Irish Language broadcast sector by removing it from his budget.

Historically, when bigoted Unionists wanted to show contempt for Nationalists in Northern Ireland they always did so by pouring scorn on Catholicism and on the Irish language.

While we all welcomed the positive signals Dr. Paisley was giving in Washington, back home one of his own Ministers and a leading member of his Party was using his power to show disdain for Nationalists.

This must not be accepted and I urge you to let Dr. Paisley know of your disappointment. Surely this is no way for the DUP to encourage American investment or support for the upcoming Economic Conference in Belfast that we all want to support?

Please take immediate action.

Thank you.

God bless America and God save Ireland.

Sincerely, Father Sean Mc Manus

President, Irish National Caucus

[Estas grava skribi al Rep. Joe Crowley tri Gregg Sheiowitz.]

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