Monday, 14 January 2008

Y Byd

…de la BBC:

There is not enough evidence for a viable Welsh-language daily newspaper says a review of the Welsh-medium press.

But the report for the Welsh Language Board said a quick decision was needed on whether £600,000 of public money should back the Y Byd paper venture.

Backers of the daily Y Byd (The World) told the review that it would fail without a decision on support soon….

… The review looked at
La Nua, an Irish-language daily, which is part of the Belfast Media Group.

The newspaper has two bases, Belfast and Donegal. It has money from a cross-border funding body, some £400,000 over two years since 2007.

Belfast Media Group MG bears the financial loss.

Review author Dr Tony Bianchi examined Y Byd's assumption that people in Wales would buy two papers, for instance the Western Mail or a London-based newspaper and Y Byd.

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