Friday, 25 January 2008

Irlandalingvo en Nord-Irlando

…de la Andersonstown News:

There were more winners than losers in the first budget announced this week by the DUP/Sinn Féin-dominated powersharing Executive.
Indeed, with the exception of the Irish speaking lobby — which fell foul of the old-school thinking of Minister Edwin Poots — every constituency which protested the draft budget got a bung of some sort or other.

Nationalist ministers seem to be powerless in the face of Minister Poots’ decision to axe funding to the burgeoning Irish language broadcast sector from March 2009. The DUP man already stands indicted for blocking the Irish Language Act — a move hailed by Ian Paisley Jnr — but now he stands doubly indicted for theatening the jobs and livelihood of those in the Irish language broadcast sector.

However, those who view the right to speak Irish as a civil right won’t be silenced or bullied into submmission: plans are already afoot to say ‘Tá’ to the Irish language at a massive, multicultural rally in Belfast on February 16...

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