Friday, 25 January 2008

Scoil na Daróige

…de la Derry Journal:

No doubt Donegal parents will be immensely relieved to learn that they won’t have to go ‘ag seanmháthaireáil’ to get their children into Scoil na Daróige in Derry. But why should a Gaelscoil located in one of the North’s most nationalist areas be looking across the ‘border’ to make up numbers? Where is the Derry support? Did Derry nationalists know in the past what they were against and now don’t quite know what they are for?

Belfast parents have got on with the job of educating their children through Irish and have some dozen Irish primary schools and a sizeable secondary school. We see a new generation of children in Belfast aware of their cultural heritage and their identity through their ancestral language. In the ‘South’ more children are being educated through Irish outside of the Gaeltacht than at any time since the foundation of the State. Yet support for Irish medium education in Derry is lower than in many parts of the North: Derry’s lack of support for Gaelscolaíocht at secondary level is a disgrace...

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Darren J. Prior said...

There is a reason why gaelscolaíocht at second-level is a touchy subject in Derry.