Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Demokrata Unuecisma Partio kaj la Irlandalingvo la Belfast News Letter:

A DUP MLA has spoken of her anger at being branded "sectarian" by Education Minister Caitriona Ruane during an Assembly debate.

Strangford representative Michelle McIlveen yesterday complained to the House about the minister's language, following a clash between the two across the Chamber on Monday.

During Education Questions, the DUP woman raised the thorny issue of the minister's promotion and funding of the Irish medium sector.

For some time, Miss McIlveen has been arguing that Ms Ruane is "propping up" minority schooling, when resources in the education sector are such that more mainstream schools are facing closure…

...In reply, the Education Minister said: "I noted Miss McIlveen's comments in the earlier debate, and I was disappointed by them. We should not be sectarian in our comments."Every time we talk about the Irish language, Miss McIlveen and some – but not all – of her party colleagues continue along that line...

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