Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Lá an Phaoraigh

…de la Irish Independent:

One GAA book deserves special mention, not just because it's the personal story of Sean Og de Paor, one of Galway's greatest footballers, but because it's written in Irish. In market terms, that limited its appeal, but the de Paors (the book was co-written by Sean's sister, Aoife) are so committed to the Irish language that they put the native tongue first.

Thankfully, Galway three-in-a-row goalkeeper Johnny Geraghty and others gave me a good grounding in Irish many years ago so I was able to enjoy most of La an Phaoraigh, a most interesting book which concludes with Sean selecting his "dream team" drawn from players he came up against in a long and rewarding career. There are some surprises aboard, but then he played against them so his insight must be respected.

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