Tuesday, 29 January 2008


...de ZDNet:

A study from French internet traffic analysts XiTi Monitor, gratefully cadged from Wired….shows Firefox's presence in Europe continuing to grow. At its most popular, It's nudging 46 percent in the most vulpine market, Finland, and you'd have to be crazier than a Finn to suggest it wasn't going to hit the half-way mark by the end of the year.

…But then, what to make of Ireland and its four millon? They too speak American. (There is another national language, Gaelic, but there's no such Firefox.) Yet Ireland has nearly twice the British penetration of the open source browser - despite there being a Welsh Firefox bundled into the GB count…
[Laŭ Mozilla, Fajrfokso estas havebla en la Irlandalingvo.]

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