Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Meirion Prys Jones

…de icWales:

The chief executive of the Welsh Language Board has come under fire for making 20 work trips to foreign countries in the past two years, it has emerged.

Detailed information released to the Western Mail shows that since the beginning of 2006, Meirion Prys Jones has been to Brussels seven times, to Amsterdam three times, to Bolzano in Italy and Dublin twice each, as well as taking single trips to Barcelona, Helsinki, the Basque Country, Strasbourg, Brittany and Friesland.

Many of the trips are in relation to two international networks of minority language groups.

The cost to the Welsh Language Board was around £3,200. Some of the trips were paid for by other publicly-funded organisations.

Monmouth Conservative MP David Davies said, “I can understand why he would take the occasional trip abroad, but this seems way over the top.

“I would have thought his first priority was the Welsh language. Strangely, he has not visited the only place abroad where Welsh is spoken – Patagonia.”

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