Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Heather Jones la Guardian:

I've only just found out I'm on the record. I'm so chuffed. They've mis-spelt my song, but it's in Welsh, so you can understand. It's about Welsh people's fears about losing their language. It was a real fear in the 1970s.

I've sung since I was a child. My mam was a singer, so I learned from her. I was the smallest girl in school, but my teachers made me join a school talent contest and I won. I got into the Welsh language scene when I was 14, and by the mid-60s I was in girl groups, doing three-part harmony versions of Blowin' in the Wind. Then I started gigging. These days people can put things on the web and they're famous in five minutes - I had to slog through hundreds of concerts during my A-levels for which I was paid a few guineas. Then I joined Bara Menyn, the Welsh rock band, where most of the recordings that are being loved again come from.

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