Monday, 7 January 2008

Orla Ní Threasaigh la Irish Independent:

Up to two weeks before she filled in her CAO form last year, primary teaching was the top choice for She had made her decision at the start of second-level and stuck with it, even though she admits to having "hated it" during a week's work experience in fourth year.

"I was still thinking that maybe it wouldn't be that bad and I would feel differently in a few years," says Orla, whose about-turn came after a visit to the school from a lecturer from NUI Galway's Irish-language BA in Chumarsaid (Communications).

The 17-year-old native Irish speaker from Spiddal was immediately hooked. "The fact that this course was more practical than learning from books, more hands-on," really appealed to Orla, who always loved acting.

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